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Jain Arts Academy
  (Affiliated from R.M.T.S.K.V.V. Gwalior)
  It is a part of Jain Arts Education Society
  Registration No. : 03/27/03/11945/09
Address : 57/F Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore
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Academic Courses

Why To Join

JAIN ARTS ACADEMY, INDORE is the institute where a person can learn artistic aptitude in a short period and in a reliable manner. We start teaching them from the basics of art .Once basics are clear, it is easy to do better. Most of us think that an artist is a person who has God gifted talent of drawing and painting. It is true to some extent, but, nowadays, one cannot rely solely on talent .Knowledge and practice makes shapes the talent. Except this, the degree or the certificate of a reliable university also has great importance for a good carrier as an artist.

Today there is a huge demand of trained creative personnel. Due to lack of social awareness about the artistic fields, most of the talented persons waste their valuable study period in doing graduation in other fields like commerce and science. To save their time, we have introduced One Year Diplomas and Certificate Courses (affiliated to R.M.T. Sangeet and Kala V.V. Gwalior, M.P.).

Jain Arts Academy gives the artists the wings to fly high in the sky.

Student Comments

I have joined the institute to clear the concepts related to painting whether it is creative or traditional. Here I have come to know how an artist expresses his inner world on a canvas.
Jaya Patidar (student of folk art classes)

I am a student of 3D animation in which the knowledge of Human Anatomy is must. That’s why I took admission in One Year Diploma of Painting. This course really helped me much. Now I am more confident of getting better results in my work and job placement.
Rahul Porwal (student of One Year Diploma)

Animation is my passion but I’m not able to pursue with my career due to the lack of knowledge of fundamental elements of art. So I decided to do Diploma in Painting to remove the obstructions in the way of my bright future. Hence, I have joined JAIN ARTS ACADEMY, INDORE. Through this course I am not only learning the basics of drawing & painting but also the history of Art. I am sure; it will help in my carrier.
Ankita jhudele (student of One Year Diploma)

I am a science graduate, but I decided to start my carrier as a freelancer artist. So, I joined JAIN ARTS ACADEMY, INDORE, for One Year Diploma (Painting) because I did not want to spend another four years for doing B.F.A. I am pleased to join this institute for its energetic and positive environment. Here, I am learning the basics of Art not only theoretically but also practically. Now I hope to be a good artist in future.
Shempy Jain (student of One Year Diploma)