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Jain Arts Academy
  (Affiliated from R.M.T.S.K.V.V. Gwalior)
  It is a part of Jain Arts Education Society
  Registration No. : 03/27/03/11945/09
Address : 57/F Bakhtawar Ram Nagar, Indore
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Academic Courses

Coaching Courses

Elementary Grade Examination

Duration : One Year
1. Still Life
2. Memory Drawing
3. Design
4. Geometry

Intermediate Grade Examination

Duration : One Year
1. Still Life
2. Memory Drawing
3. Design
4. Geometry and lettering

Note : The drawing grade examination was instituted by the Old Bombay state for the purpose of art education. The intermediate drawing grade certificate is recognized as a basic qualification for the students seeking admission to courses in architecture, engineering, applied arts, fine arts, textile designing, interior designing, fashion designing etc. it is of great importance that in these entrance exams a grace mark of 10 is awarded to the A grade holders and a grace mark of 5 to the B grade holder.

All successful candidates are awarded certificates on behalf of the Art Directorate, Government of Maharashtra.

Note : All courses Affiliated to RMTSKVV Gwalior